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Beach Destinations in Thailand

Beach Destinations in Thailand

The technology is on its way of rapid growth and gadgets have made the life easy. One can perform all tasks with the help of machines. Television sets allow you to enter into the world of fun and to see beautiful places sitting in your home. Though seeing the beautiful world famous places on TV might be a fun, but the actual visit is always far better and different than viewing it on TV. Well, in this busy life, people prefer the virtual visit to beautiful places only ; means they like to enjoy the beautiful creation of the world while sitting at home.

I don’t know how it can be fun by just viewing the moving photos on the screen. It may be fun for many, but not for all, not for the people who have traveled in their life to visit any beautiful place at least once, and know the difference between the virtual viewing and actual. If you also prefer to actually pay a visit to beautiful places in the world, then let me tell you that you are out of the crowd, and it is always better to be so.

There are many places to visit in world, and picking one out of them is like finding needle from a big haystack. There are many people who get confused in this choosing process, and it is obvious to be so. Anyways, you need not to be confused as I am here with the list of best beach destinations in Thailand. Of course, there are many monuments and buildings to visit there, but come on, they can’t compete with the natural beauty. So have a look at the list ahead.

Ko Lanta, Thailand

Ko Lanta, Thailand

If you want to visit a place free from crowd, peaceful, then this beach destination is must to visit by you. This is located in the Southern Part of Thailand in Krabi Province. The cold water is just perfect for swimming. While you take batch in the water, the sun shines in the sky and it creates the scene of gold flowing in the water. The beautifully designed hotels give you perfect stay and that also, at affordable rate.

Koh Tao, Thailand

This beach destinations has got many small beaches in it,  which are located near to one another. The scuba diving and snorkeling is just best to do here. You can go to the spa centers to enhance your fun. Horse Riding can be also be enjoyed here. If you go outside in the morning with someone you love a lot, then you will get the feeling perhaps you are in the heaven.

Bophut, Thailand

This beach destination is going in development from a small village to a beautiful place to visit. Many new hotels are getting opened in it which are making it one of the best beach destinations in Thailand. You must include its name in your wishlist.

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