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Volvo XC60- Dreaming Ahead

Volvo XC60- Dreaming Ahead

Volvo is a worldwide famous name renowned for the manufacturing of car and general passenger carrying vehicles, it is one of the leading automobile makers and in India they are expecting a good market response. Volvo had launched a new entry level variant Volvo XC60, in a mid budget range. The ex-showroom price of this styling vehicle is Rs. 35.9L, and the 2.0L Diesel Engine churn out the maximum 163bhp of power. Volvo is a Swedish Automotive company and expecting a good scope for its luxury compact SUVs which are the landmarks of style and comfort. The car is bestowed with a 2400cc powerful engine to make your driving experience up to the best thrill. So, before buying best fuel economy SUV, check this one out.

Volvo XC60


The powerful engine of Volvo XC60 is equipped with Twin Turbo technology which ensures the best results regarding fuel efficiency. The diesel engine of Volvo XC60 is able to give a 13.8kmpl ride on the roads of city. So, it’s a very good performer on the streets.

Power Performance

The Volvo XC60 is powered by a 2.4L, 2400cc, 5 Cylinder, Twin-Turbo engine, which is based on the Peizo High-pressure technology that generates a maximum power of 205bhp @ 4000rpm and maximum torque of 420Nm @ 1500rpm. To make your driving experience more ecstatic the engine is mated with a six-speed automatic transmission box. All these features make your control and handling easier.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

As mentioned earlier the Volvo XC60 has optimum performance and the powerful engine offers a great driving experience with very good acceleration and high pick-up. The Volvo XC60 is capable to touch the mark of 100kmph in just 8.9seconds, which makes it a good option in the category of SUVs.


The majestic appearance and the sign of Volvo at front make it a perfect combination of style and simplicity. The fitted human eye shaped headlamps, front chrome grill with fine finish, bonnet curves and design, LED indicator, the outside rear view mirrors and door handles all are just worth a price and will win your heart. Overall, the car has the groovy personality and looks from the front as well as the rear side. Dynamic design and roof rails enhance the beauty of the car.


Always keep it in your mind that we are dealing with Volvo this time which is better known for the Interiors and advanced features bestowed to the car. Same for the Volvo XC60, car is admirably mated with world class sophisticated features to make you realize that you are not driving a simple regular best fuel efficient SUV at all, you are in Volvo. The upholstery is available in two texture as per your choice, the seats are comfortable and with pillow. The car has enough leg room for passengers and blessed with protective car cover, mud flaps, rear and front electric cooler, heater box, and separate AC vents for all the occupants.

So, overall Volvo XC60 is may be a good option for you, if you are willing to buy an SUV. Looks, style and comfort is absolutely the best in this SUV ride.

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