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Top Places to Visit in Central America

Top Places to Visit in Central America

Central America has a rich and tropical culture. The people here have different backgrounds, stemming all the way from the Incans who originated in this geographical region. When travelling to Central America, know that each country is vastly different from the rest. Each has it’s own unique culture and attractions.

Here’s a list of the top 5 cities that make Central America so beautiful and alluring:

  1. Granada, Nicaragua

The city of Granada is Southwest of the country’s capital of Managua. It has a total population of just over 123,000 people. Granada is truly a great Central American city, and here’s why: The first thing that grabs everyone’s attention is its colonial-era architecture and wide array of shops. There’s not too much of that in it’s other cities, since the Nicaragua is technically a third world country. Off in the distance is the staggering Mombacho volcano, which is dormant, but makes a spectacular view to behold. In addition, Granada has not only three volcanic lagoons, but there’s also Lake Nicaragua the world’s 20th largest lake—and the only one in the world that has that has sharks.

  1. Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala

Santa Cruz La Laguna is a Guatemalan municipality with a small population of around 6,000. It has strong Mayan roots and the area can only be accessed by water taxi. Once there, the best transportation is by foot. The breath-taking views of its dormant volcanoes and mountains are a trademark of the area. The most notable activities to do in Santa Cruz La Laguna are: kayaking, hiking and taking private boat tours.

  1. San Pedro, Belize

The whole nation of Belize only spans give or take 9,000 square miles, making it fairly small (around the size of Massachusetts). But it’s home to tons of natural beauty from it’s gorgeous clear blue beaches to it’s stunning Mayan ruins. There are deep rainforests and jaw-dropping beaches that give a blend of everything for those looking for a diverse Central American adventure.

The town of San Pedro is termed “La Isla Bonita” or the “Beautiful Island”. The area is home to a little over 11,000 people. One unique thing about San Pedro is that many people here are bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. What is the most popular tourist attraction? Scuba diving.

  1. Panama City, Panama

Over 1 million people live in Panama City. This diverse city is filled with palaces, old churches and plazas. History has a strong presence here, dating back to the Incan Empire and the Spanish conquistadors. Complexes can be seen dating back to the 1500s. These older parts are located in “Panama Viejo” or Old Panama. There’s also the famous Panama Canal, which draws a lot of attention for its waterfront promenade that goes into the Pacific Ocean. Banking, commerce and tourism are the driving points of Panama City’s economy.

  1. Santiago, Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile is a sprawling metropolis—it’s actually the largest Chilean city. The architecture there is impressive, having a mix of 19th century neoclassical architecture and modern day skyscrapers. The city is impressive on multiple fronts, especially when it comes to industry and finance, politics, culture and tourism. Santiago has a rich culture, filled with museums, libraries, in addition to a booming music, art and theater scene.

Before you head out on your trip to Central America, be sure to first protect your home. Have an enjoyable trip without all the worry.

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