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Favorite restaurants in Australia

Favorite restaurants in Australia

Fun and food are the two main important things whenever you are going on any kind of trip. It is obvious that different people have different choices, so in case of restaurants also the choices may differ. Here we are providing a list of all the best and grand restaurants in Australia with all the services provided by them. Just have a look and decide according to your choices.

  1. Restaurant Gary Danko

This restaurant provides a damn good environment for your comfort. It is named after a famous and award winning chef, Gary Danko who has an experience of seven golden years and his he is so popular for his excellence. You can have your food in the open air restaurant, romantic candle light dinners, and special occasion parties and also there are a lot of entertainment sources for the customers. The staff of the restaurant is well behaved and trained. This will be reflected to you by the way and elegance in which they will treat and serve you. The food prepared is just wow. I have no words to explain, it’s so delicious. The sea food of this restaurant is the main specialty of all around that place.

  1. Victoria & Albert’s restaurant

The other best restaurant in Australia is the Victoria and Albert’s restaurant. It gives you a homely environment and a lot of enjoyment sources. The views from the restaurant are just terrific and surely worth seeing. Right from the small kids’ fantasy world using the magic kingdom to the smart, sophisticated and romantic world of the youngsters, everything you will get in one single place. The night life of this place is more entertaining than what you had ever spent anywhere. Each day is having a different and unique menu according to the latest and fresh things available in the market.

  1. Commander’s Palace

As its name suggests, it is one of the grand and most regarded restaurant in Australia. People from different places of the world come here only because of this restaurant. This restaurant is considered to be a historical place as it was made during the British time. Commander’s place is very popular for the non vegetarian food. You can also organize some special events on any special occasions. This place would surely remind you of the old times. The main dishes provided here are Oyster & Absinthe Dome, the Pig & the Peach, Shrimp & Tasso Henican and Black Skillet Roasted Foe Gras.

  1. The French Room

According to a latest survey, the French room is considered to be one of the best restaurants which are recognized all over the world. Till today it is providing the best cosmopolitan dishes, best award-winning wine list and mid day meals. It has been ranked as top by many travel authorities.

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