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Things to do in Brinchang

Things to do in Brinchang

Brinchang offers various places where you will like to pass time in a highly jubilant and priceless way. Following are the places which you surely want to check out:-

Looking to be a prized witness to the tea plantation? If yes, then visit Brinchang, since it is simply the best among the rest. There are excellent views and the place deserves your visit for sure. The view of the low clouds rolling across the forested hills is simply enchanting to say the least. You want experience this beauty for sure. You will also get a close up view of the trees as they are engulfed in moss, orchids etc. while negotiating through the area, you need to be quite cautious towards taking turns, since it is important for you to read the signs in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

Big Red Strawberry Farm

As the name suggests, it offers mouth watering things which will simply marvel you to the core. Here are fondue, smoothies, pancakes, waffles etc. You will like to taste them in order to experience them. It is indeed an exercise which is synonymous with lots of fun especially as you pick strawberries. Hence, you will like to do the same for a change. You can also involve yourself towards collecting cactus. As these are some of the innovative exercises which will surely give you lots of reasons to enjoy to the core. The place is indeed quite organized. Hence, you do not want to miss visiting it in any way as well. The place offers you the best way to relax. There are lots of vegetation, strawberry plants as well as beautiful flowers. Hence, you will be mesmerized by all such things as well. If you are looking to enjoy the scenery, then it is better to go for a hiking expedition up the hill and be a proud witness to the awesome scenery. The farms are indeed quite enormous and you can pass as much time as you want to, since there is no restriction in any way as well. Hence, in short, it will indeed be quite a nice experience as you do straw plucking. Do not forget to take camera with you and you will like to snap such moments so that you can remember them for ever as well. Another specialty of the area is that majority of the food which you are going to get here is centered on the ingredients which are derived from vegetables and strawberries and they are simply delicious to say the least as well Isn’t it?

Rose Centre

The place offers scenic view as you go up. You will be a proud witness to various varieties of plants and it is indeed going to be a nice experience for sure as well. Hence, it is also a place worth being visited as you are in Brinchang.

Finally, aforesaid are the places which will make your visit quite priceless. Therefore, do not miss visiting any single one of them.

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